We simply go for good wood!

We started with wooden cigar boxes and today, thanks to its diversity, this natural material still plays a decisive role for us. Which is why we are especially interested in handling this valuable resource responsibly and therefore to make an active contribution to protecting our environment. We only use top quality wood from domestic forests, and we do this for good reasons:


  • The use of high-quality wood has a positive effect on the life of the wooden packaging and is therefore the best opportunity of saving raw materials. The better structural properties also contribute towards this.
  • Wood from domestic forests comes from sustainable forestry which ensures only as much timber replaced with new growth is felled.
  • Wooden packaging has a very good energy balance, because less energy is required in the production and processing of wood than for other raw materials, in addition, no unusable wastes are produced. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is bound in wood and therefore relieves the atmosphere. Even wood combustion is CO2-neutral, as the quantity of carbon dioxide released is the same as the amount bound again in growing forests.